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Your child “star” will wow any audience with new found confidence, readiness, skill, talent and a shining stage presence!

  • confidence building – overcoming shyness
  • audition preparedness
  • performance style and movement 
  • the art of acting and/or singing with expression 
  • stage presence 
  • microphone technique
  • voice projection
  • rhythm and pitch
  • easy alternatives to the hard to reach musical notes
  • selection of age appropriate song content and material


Zola, along with her graduate degree in Psychology (specializing in Child Development) has many years of experience teaching children in USA and South Africa. Her creative Singing and Acting classes, musical productions, and years of educating and entertaining kids of all ages earned her rave reviews from parents, children, academic institution directors and more… 

“one of the best”    – Boston Parents’ Paper (USA)

“Zola… reaches beyond entertainment.  She teaches girls and boys social skills, moral values and the importance of loving, understanding and caring for each other and the world around them. … Zola stimulates imagination and artistry, builds self confidence and fills children’s minds with fresh ideas and a sense of wonder!” – Kim Storey, Ed. D. – Magicbooks Video – USA

“I have had the pleasure of working with Zola for the past 12 years …during which time she has worked in various capacities including teaching, performing and directing small theatrical plays.  She is kind, enthusiastic and always well prepared.  Zola communicates extremely well with her students. ..Her classroom and management skills are excellent and she is able to handle large groups of children easily. …As one of the most popular teachers at (this) Center, her programs are usually oversubscribed….Zola is very easy to work with and she would be an asset in a variety of positions.”  -Barrie Keller (Cultural Arts Director, Leventhal-Sidman Jewish Community Center of Greater Boston)

“Zola is an unusually talented musician, a dynamic teacher and a gift to children.” -Barbara Meyer (Principal, Memorial Spaulding School, Newton, MA)

“… warm, playful and bubbly… every child’s favorite person” – G.Haas (Director, Ed Center)

“…we are Zola’s biggest fans.   We kept having her back year after year!” – R. Greenstein (Preschool Director – USA)

“…the children were so excited to see you each week and the ways in which you engaged them were so incredible!   Thank you for what you added to our classroom”  – P. Grauman (Teacher) USA

 “… her theme parties are just the best.   She is so creative and I’m amazed at how she keeps the kids engaged in fun activities for hours!”  – B. Schapiro (dad)